East Dunbartonshire Initiative for Creative Therapy


Therapeutic Art Sessions

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Mental Health Support

The core element of our service is the support programme for those suffering from mental health issues, including people with physical disabilities (such as multiple sclerosis) who are experiencing mental health difficulties as a direct result of their physical disabilities.

Whilst our principle value of supporting self nurture through creativity is central to this service, it is also about offering participants the chance to respond to largely negative experiences in a positive and absorbing way.

This process is helped significantly by the welcoming and supportive nature of our groups. There is a very informal atmosphere to these groups which allows participants to shift focus away from troubles and to define themselves not by illness alone but also by every aspect of who they are.

One very important aspect of this is that the demands of the creative process allow participants to live in the moment, becoming fully engaged in their own artistic endeavours, thus providing an oasis of purposeful activity in minds otherwise plagued by negative introspection.